Monday, May 19, 2008

My Farewell Letter from R K Swamy BBDO

It’s time to bid
a fare thee well to the ‘Pun’dit!

Apart from the usual parting speech,
there’ll be the bit about
how he stands apart as a writer.
Who always spent a good part of the day
getting us to tear our hair apart.

But really, that’s only partly the truth.
Here’s the real stuff,
about the one with the woof and the puff.

Oh he penned and he punned.
And he was a lot of fun, when he didn’t pun.
In fact, you could say he was a good ‘un.
He wasn’t exactly a dude,
but you could hardly call him a prude.
With his copy he was shrewd,
never ever crude.
To the comp he was glued.
‘bout the www he was very clued.

Oh the man, he loved his food.
For the fine stuff he always drooled.
And when he cooked
All of us aahed and oohed
Yes, his moustache always drooped.
But you’d never find him brood.
A good joke he always knewed,
And PJs he always threwed.

A jolly good fellow was he,
with the bottle he always made merry.
He’d go glug, glug, glug,
And the rest of us would go ‘uh oh’!

Oh he was a good colleague,
To many a good buddy,
And sure he might miss we,
But definitely, not as much as we will he!

PS: The ‘part’y is on the terrace tomorrow at 5.30 pm.
We have re’served’ time for snacks.

This memo was written by Sandeep Pai, my copywriting colleague and a good friend.