Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Great piece of work

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Advertising, New Delhi, India
Art Director: Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta
Copywriter: Charu Tripathi
Photographer: Vibhash Tiwari

Very cool

Stop torturing your skin.

Advertising Agency: Carte Blanche, Montreal, Canada
Creative Director: Johann Smith
Art Director: Patrick de Varennes
Copywriters: Johann Smith, Marc-André Trépanier
Photographer: Jakob Lorenz

Beautiful - View from a distance

Reality is complex. To understand it, you have to keep some distance.
La Diaria. The independent newspaper.

Advertising Agency: Corporacion JWT, Montevideo
Copywriters: Leandro Gomez, Manuel Amorin
Art Director: Leonardo Varela

cool stuff

Advertising Agency: Compagnie 360 Eurorscg, France
Creative Director: Jean-Francois Goize
Art Director / Illustrator: Jean-Philippe Magnaval
Copywriter: Antoine Colin

Like it

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Directors: Tariq Bailey, Cameron Watson
Copywriters: Aaron Harris, Alistair Morgan


Advertising School: Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Leo Valadão
Copywriter: Luciana Elaiuy


Advertising Agency: Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA
Creative Directors: Dave Kwasnick, Jay Giesen
Art Director: Shawn Smith
Copywriter: Eric Schlauch
Photographer: Tom Gigliotti


Advertising School: Chicago Portfolio School
Art Director: Jed Moriarity
Copywriter: Daniel Catterson